Eşref Karoser is a manufacturer and supplier of minibus design and minibus design products.

Eşref Karoser, one of the well-established companies in the minibus design and transformation sector, offers its customers developing technology and design trends by leading other companies in its sector.

Apart from vehicle design, Eşref bodywork is manufactured in its own production facility; rear luggage, the luggage racks, electric doors, ramps ,manuel steps, etc. it delivers many design parts to its customers.

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of vehicle design and material sales to every country in the world.

Eşref Karoser, which has proven its own quality of service both at home and abroad in its sector, aims to establish long-term collaborations.

As a result of the service provided to this sector for many years, Eşref Karoser works to expand its business network by establishing new business partnerships to transfer its experience and service quality to its customers.

Just contact Eşref Karoser, a company that works with the world.