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Esref Automotive, as the follower of the technological developments, always uses these technological systems on renovating the interior designs and minibus&van convertings, according to your requirements We also repair the minibusses which had an accident.Beside these we can also supply any spare part you require.

automotiveLuggage racks, all kinds of glasses for windows, frames , interior trims , seats , lamps, refrigerators, back luggage racks (ski boxes), sign box for front roof (destination box) , electrical doors, electrical steps , curtains , chrome parts , all kinds of accessories,e.t.c, Every passing day, we develop ourselves with the thought of absolute customer satisfaction . We proved ourselves with our quality and service in Turkey and at abroad and made quite a name for ourselves. We work according to the quality standards and advancing technology with the thought of absolute customer satisfaction .

Quality is combining the best quality raw materials with the advancing techonology and qualified employees , and working hard in order to get up to excellence. We know that success is hidden in details.We think that we are a big team with our employees, customers and suppliers.With the thougt of honesty is the best policy, we believe that this team will be greater in the near future. We would like to share our experience with you. Beside what ever you wish aftersending the photo or explanation we can immediatly return you when we can deliver and from which price. Esref Automotive; has established its technical substructure with its “best service principle, and serving according to its customer requirements by its 7/24/360 communication and transportation network. We are working with the world . It is not important in which country your company is, just call us or send us an e-mail then we are near you.

OUR NEW PRODUCTS IN 2010 IN 2010 We added some new products to our own products . We began to produce new luggage rack system for interior of minibuses and buses . Our luggage racks are completely ready to install . You will just mount it into the vehicle in a short time . Mounting is very easy so you will save from time . We know that time is money for all of us . We can produce this luggage rack system in any length you request . Different types of service units can be used according to your requests . In front of the racks we use two different color led ligths . One of them is for night . Our clients usually prefer blue (for nights ) and white . But we can use different colors . It is up to you. We also put led lights in front of the handles . We can produce our luggage rack system according to your special dimensions if you can send us your drawing of your vehicle with dimensions . So you will just mount it without doing anything . Our second product is millennium lamps . We produce these lamps from aluminium profile . It has three led lights rows . Our clients usually prefer white led lihts in the middle row and blue in the edges . But we can use any color you request.




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